OPPO Enco Free2

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OPPO Enco Free2 is equipped with an all-new three-core chip that turbocharges the way it processes noise cancellation. Personalised active noise cancellation technology and the three-core chip can cut out up to 42 dB2 of ambient noise. Whether it’s work, study, or business travel, OPPO Enco Free2 helps you get your peace back.

Key Features
  • 42 dB Deep Personalised Active Noise Cancellation
  • Personalised Sound Boost
  • Co-Tuned with Dynaudio
  • Up to 30 Hours Music Playback Time 

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Colour: White

Product specification

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Model: ETI71

Charging case model: ETI72

Audio Quality

Speaker unit: 10 mm dynamic driver

Driver sensitivity: 103 dB±3dB @ 1kHZ

Frequency response range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Microphone sensitivity: -38 dBV/Pa


Bluetooth® codec: AAC/SBC

Bluetooth® version: Bluetooth®

5.2Bluetooth® range: 10 m

Battery Life

Battery type: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity: 41 mAh (earbuds) / 480 mAh (charging case)


Play time (volume set at 50%): ANC enabled: 4 h (earbuds) / 20 h (earbuds + charging case)

ANC disabled: 6.5 h (earbuds) / 30 h (earbuds + charging case)

Time to recharge*: 1.5 h (earbuds + charging case)

Recharge port: USB Type-C

*The above specifications were obtained based on tests performed in OPPO laboratories. Charging times were tested in OPPO laboratories at a temperature of 25°C using an OPPO standard charger. The actual results may differ slightly depending on environmental factors and the charger used.

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