OPPO Promotion Code and/or Voucher Terms and Conditions

In the event that you are issued with an OPPO Online Store Promotion Code and/or Voucher as part of a promotional offer the following terms and conditions shall apply:

1. Every voucher ("Promotion Code and/or Voucher"):

1.1       has a unique code which has been assigned to you (the "Intended Recipient" or "You");

1.2       may only be redeemed by the Intended Recipient upon reasonable evidence of their identity being confirmed through the creation of a user account on the OPPO Online Store or such other valid form of identity document as may be requested by OPPO and/or the OPPO Online Store;

1.3       cannot be used after expiration of the Promotion Code and/or Voucher, expiration is as per indicated on the actual Promotion Code and/or Voucher received;

1.4       shall be limited to a one-voucher-per-purchase basis. This means that the Promotion Code and/or Voucher may not be aggregated in respect of the purchase of any item. For example, if the stated price of an item exceeds the amount of the Promotion Code and/or Voucher, then You must pay the balance in order to purchase that item and may not use other Promotion Codes and/or Vouchers in respect of that item;

1.5       may be used towards purchases of more than the value of the Promotion Code and/or Voucher where the Intended Recipient pays the balance using one of the accepted methods of payment on the OPPO Online Store;

1.6       cannot be transferred or assigned in any manner to any person by the Intended Recipient;

1.7       is not redeemable for cash 

2. If you return items purchased using the Promotion Code and/or Voucher, we will subtract the value of the Promotion Code and/or Voucher from your return credit (that is, you will only be refunded for the price paid for those items) and the Promotion Code and/or Voucher will be invalidated.

3. Once-off Purchase and Forfeiture:

3.1     The OPPO Online Store Promotion Code and/or Voucher will be valid for a once-off purchase only.

3.2     The Participant must use the full value of the OPPO Online Store Promotion Code and/or Voucher when making the once-off purchase.

3.3     Any balance remaining after the once-off purchase, will be forfeited.

4. If you violate any of the Terms and Conditions, the promotion will be invalid, and the promotional code discount will not apply. 

5. OPPO reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend Promotion Code and/or Voucher at any time for any reason.