OPPO A38 and OPPO A18 Case

Sale price$19.95 AUD

Protect your OPPO A38 and OPPO A18 gracefully with the stylish TPU case, specifically designed to match your device. Experience complete coverage as it envelops every edge and angle. Its elevated frame encircling the screen ensures added defense from unexpected drops, unwanted scratches, and the demands of daily usage, all while maintaining an elegant look.

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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Najaf Haider
Oppo phone case

Great quality and good stuff. Quick delivery.

Dmitrii Gorodilov

Still didn't get it!!!!!! Where is my case????

Howard Veal
A18 case

Excellent quality, prompt service.

Peter Krause
Oppo 18 and case


Kristinca Bunney
Oppo A38

I am MORE THAN extremely disappointed in this A38 phone.

I bought another Oppo because my F1s has been a fantastic phone, easy to use from the start and reliable. Sadly it is dying from old age. It no longer supports email and has other memory issues as well.

The 38 is not user-friendly. I have spent hours at a time online with Oppo Help, while my dying mother was in hospital, trying to save contacts and photos before the F1s gave up. I even bought another phone number and account so I could keep the old simcard in the old phone, lest removing it caused its death. Money wasted. Time wasted. Even Oppo Help could NOT resolve some of the problems!
Read that again!

I believe this A38 is faulty.
1. Many of my contacts were lost in the MANY attempts (with and without Oppo Help assistance) to transfer them.
2.The phone would not switch off as supposed to,according to directions.Oppo Help had to override the supposed default.
3. Today I "shared" a banking verification of a transfer of funds. It sent someone else's record!!! I couldn't believe it. I tried to send it again. Same result!!! How?!?!?! It also deleted the message that was attached.
4. The activity ball doesn't always work. I regularly have to press the ON button to close the screen.
What next?!?!

For a phone supposedly far improved over the F1s, it is not! It is a bomb and a total nightmare. How I wish my old phone were not dying!

I wish to return this phone, get a full refund, and get my contacts etc saved elsewhere. I can't do that myself.I expect assistance from you as I should not be in this predicament, 24 or so days into the ATTEMPTED SET UP AND USE of the new A38 phone.

The situation is beyond ridiculous! I am still using my F1s at times.Two Oppo phones,one old and dying and one new and faulty. Two phone accounts which I cannot afford to continue.

Do I want another Oppo?Another F1s? Yes please.
A new improved Oppo? No thank you very much! It would take an awful lot to convince me I do and should!

I would appreciate a prompt reply.I need a reliable phone! I do not want to lose what remains on the old F1s,because of the problems with the A38.
I certainly do not wish to waste any more time on this horrible horrible nightmare of a phone, your A38.

Kristinca Bunney
0434 651 378.

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